Jon Chen made arrangements for the boys in their introduction to the United States, but their entry meant sealing a few deals in Central America for safe-passage. Wei was first to leave China and Lao followed suit months after on his trail. The Red Gecko Triad had lost their stranglehold of San Andreas since Jon's earlier days. This meant finding new methods and working more recent connections to getting the boys in the United States, even if it meant making deals with the Cartels of Central America. Jon called up an old accomplice from the Mexican Cartel to assist with their entry. After their arrival in Mexico, the boys were met with new proof of citizenship and an agenda from the Cartel boss, Martin Madrazo, who kept his identity hidden from them. After crossing the border into Texas, the boys were off to Liberty City to repay their deeds.

Wei Kim was sent to infiltrate the Lost MC, one of the US's most notorious biker gangs. Wei was to pose as a foreign relative of one of their fallen brothers. Wei's language was convenient for the Lost who had a business partnership with the Liberty City Triads. He would carry out many assassinations and obtain contraband for the Lost. Lao soon entered Liberty City through Algonquin with a separate agenda for Madrazo. Lao performed as a hitman for the Korean mob in Alderney City and, like Wei, fed Madrazo information of the gangs' operations and connections out west. The brothers kept their identities secret until finishing their undercover tasks as informants for Madrazo. As promised for their good work, they were then free to leave their false lives and begin their real ones with Jon Chen in Los Santos.

More than ever, their street skills were improved. Word of the twins got around in Los Santos and they received a call from a Los Santos hood, Lamar Davis, who promised them jobs, weapons, and all the connections to San Andreas's most powerful underworld operators. The brothers were flown separately to Los Santos where they met Lamar and established their new start. Immediately Lamar recognized their language setback but was impressed by their talents. Their reputations grew quickly. Soon, they were introduced to South Central drug-lord (Gerald), well-connected car mechanic & street racer (Hao), a crooked car businessman (Simeon Yaterian), a well-connected hacker (Lester Crest), a bipolar black market extortionist and meth dealer (Trevor Philips), his quirky sidekick (Ron Jakowski) and finally the Mexican Cartel boss responsible for their entry (Martin Madrazo). With these new connections, knowledge of the Korean (Kkangpae) & Lost MC operations in Los Santos and overall competition of drugs & arms, the Sang Ye were back.

After months of blitzing the underworld competition, the Sang Ye regained their Suicide Boys status, taking on large groups of gang members on their own victoriously. Their payout for deeds from their connections increased as well as the difficulty of the tasks assigned. It was becoming clear that Wei, Lao, and Jon were an unstoppable growing team with military strength, kingpin street intelligence, and Jon being the mastermind behind their every move. In improving their reputation, they have taken on more partnerships from other hard criminal organizations. "It is time for Sang Ye to grow", Jon told Wei and Lao, "we have more money to make for a new organization, soon we will take part in some of the biggest heists in Los Santos history!". Jon spearheads the operations in efforts becoming among the top feared underground syndicates in American history.

Upon some of their newfound allies were the infamous Los Santos Yakuza Organization, the Chen, Chan and San Fierro Triads; who are also rivals to the inner city Los Santos gangs. The Sang Ye have overpowered the Korean powerhouse Kkangpae and have formed new elites. They continue to extort various business legal and illegal, including street racing; in which Wei enforces taxation for racers to ensure their safety and immunity from LSPD. Lao holds major operation in shipment and stock of contraband at the Los Santos Marine, where the Sang Ye are headquartered. Upon their expansion, they have recruited heavy duty criminals, new and old to Los Santos, including crossing paths with Trevor Philips and various agents with high connections with the IAA and FIB.