There’s no secret about human trafficking in China. Since its rise in the 1980s, it has been a big deal and runs a huge profit in the pockets of China’s most feared underground organizations. The Triads, in particular, were the “Smuggle Kings” of Southeast China in shipping high-quality drugs, counterfeit money and equally valuable personnel. Various Triad clans made millions from off-shoring people to foreign soil, including US cities like San Andreas, Vice City, and Liberty City. Among the smuggled were female Korean refugees. Some of the Triads kept the best ones for themselves, including a green-eyed beauty Su-Jung. 

After being forced to a few months of prostitution, Jung was hand-picked to accompany the Jade Triad’s Mountain Master, the highest ranking member of the triad organization. She was given the position to be relocated as his personal muse, among other women, and began a new life in his large home located in the lavish quarters of Hong Kong. After becoming pregnant, her concern for the livelihoods of her unborn twins grew. Certainly, she was not satisfied with the criminal lifestyles of Hong Kong’s most notorious. After developing a friendship with Ting Zhan, one the Mountain Master’s lowly prostitutes, they planned their escape. 

During a seemingly regular day at the shopping mall, Jung and Zhan together tricked and diverted their security escorts with a well orchestrated incident on the road. After all was settled, the guards were shocked to open the door to an empty limousine. Their escape was successful and Sun-Jung received assistance from a local who knew Zhan. There and later, Jung gave birth to her two sons. Sadly, Sun-Jung passed away from complications after the twins were delivered. In fear of them being discovered, Ting Zhan decided to give them Chinese names, Lao Meng and Wei Kim. Not long after, however, they were kidnapped for ransom by the Ho Gung Tongs, the Jade Triad’s rival gang.

The ransom was denied, yet the Ho Gung spared the twin infants. Ting Zhan, now property of the Ho Gung, was shipped to Los Santos to continue as a prostitute for the Red Gecko Tongs of San Fierro. Both Wei and Lao remained in Hong Kong and were both raised by the Ho Gung Tongs, learning the ways of the criminal underground and the tough streets of Hong Kong. They latched onto a veteran of the Ho Gung, Jon Chen. Wei and Lao saw Jon as a father figure and took on his namesake as he taught them much about life, survival, warfare and combat. On their 21st birthday, Jon confessed to their unfortunate past. They were enraged from learning their father is their rival gang’s leader. However, to them, their father was the ultimate enemy who had disowned them and left them and their mother for dead. They vowed to avenge their mother by targeting higher ranks of the Jade Triad, killing a total of 30 men in an intense gun battle.

The massacre rang around the world and they caught wind from a news article deeming them “The Suicide Boys”. Jon, Wei, and Lao relocated to Northeastern China to escape the heat. From there, Jon spearheaded their new drug operation under the moniker “Sang Ye”, named after the herb they smuggled their drugs with across western and central China. During his earlier days with the Ho Gung, Jon traveled back and forth handling their shipment from China and the US. He decided Los Santos was their next best move to improve on their lifestyle. The boys travelled months apart separately from China to Europe, Central America, Liberty City, then finally reuniting once again in Los Santos.